ANN QUIMBY | Jewish L.A.
Los Angeles has a long Jewish history. On October 10, 2010, I visited some of the historic sites along with members of my Temple Beth Sholom family. We were guided by a member of the Jewish Historical Society of Southern California. It was interesting to see the Judeo-Christian mix at the Welsh Presbyterian Church, formerly the Sinai Temple. It was really incredible to see the contrast between the ruined folksy beauty of the Breed Street Shul and the grandeur of the majestic Wilshire Boulevard Temple.

Breed Street Shul Magen David window with reflectionBreed Street ShulBreed Street Shul ArkBreed Street Shul Adar WindowBreed Street Shul Harp MuralBreed Street Shul Balcony and PewsBreed Street ShulBreed Street Shul Av WindowBreed Street Shul stained glass Magen DavidBreed Street Shul Tree MuralBreed Street Shul Kislev MuralBreed Street Shul Shofar muralBreed Street Shul Tishri MuralBreed Street Shul Elul MuralBreed Street Shul Ark Magen DavidBreed Street Shul Ark Magen David detailBreed Street Shul Menorah MuralBreed Street Shul bookBreed Street Shul MenorahBreed Street Shul ceiling detail