ANN QUIMBY | Jakob Dylan and the Gold Mountain Rebels
Wonderfully talented singer-songwriter, photographer (and major mensch) Jakob Dylan, along with the Gold Mountain Rebels, performing songs in August of 2008 from Jakob's GREAT solo album, Seeing Things. Jakob's gotta be one of the nicest guys on the planet! And FUNNY! Why you don't read about that more, I don't know. Jakob hasn't let being nominated as one of Vanity Fair's Most Handsome Men in the World go to his head. Nope, he's still keeping that head-size in check for his ever-growing collection of stylish hats.

Make sure to catch Jakob and the other Wallflowers (Fred Eltringham and Greg Richling, along with Stuart Mathis and Bill Appleberry) on their tour of the US this summer as they promote Collected: 1996-2005, a great compilation of Wallflowers hits. It's a must-have.